Barnaby Joyce wears cowboy boots in Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest parliamentary wind farm protest

MP from New England Barnaby Joyce made an unexpectedly big statement by donning a pair of cowboy boots in Parliament to protest billionaire Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest’s proposed wind farms.

After a photo emerged of Angie Bell, Member for Gold Coast, appearing to question Joyce about his fashion statement in Parliament, 2GB’s Ben Fordham explored why he was wearing the boots.

Joyce explained that he did not want to buy RM Williams boots because the company was owned by Forrest.

Angie Bell questions Barnaby Joyce's shoe choice
Gold Coast MP Angie Bell questions New England MP Barnaby Joyce’s choice of footwear. (2GB)

Joyce said he was at Beef Week in Rockhampton when he decided to boycott the company by wearing the alternative boots, but they turned out to be bigger than he expected.

“I’ve got nothing against him (Forrest) as a person, but these wind farms are scam factories … they’re just killing us in the countryside,” Joyce told Fordham.

In January this year, Forrest’s Squadron Energy broke ground on the Uungala wind farm in New South Wales, believed to be the largest in the state when completed.

Joyce said wind farms were “just an antiquated landfill”.

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