Echo Dot speaker beloved by shoppers is slashed in price by 25 per cent: ‘It’s amazing’

Speaker buyers say it delivers “amazing sound,” the price is reduced by more than 25 percent at Amazon.

Amazon’s Echo Dot (5th Gen) is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet hailed as the “best sounding” speaker ever, as well as having more features at a glance than ever before.

Now you can grab it for just $89 instead of $119.

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Amazon’s Echo Dot it can control compatible smart home devices with your voice and can even create routines, automatically turning on compatible lights when you enter a room or starting a fan if the indoor temperature exceeds your comfort zone.

You can also check the time at a glanceas well as set alarms, search the weather, track titles and more.

Amazon’s Echo Dot is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but it’s been hailed as the “best sounding” speaker ever. credit: Amazon

“It’s very smart and the sound is perfect. Buy it!!” said one enthusiastic reviewer.

“It looks and sounds great. All the features you need for home use,” said another.

Reviewers love the new improved LED displaywhich shows you the time, alarms, weather and song titles, and the usual features like voice-activated alarms and answers to questions also get the nod.

“Life is so much better with Alexa in the bedroom,” joked one reviewer.

The new, clearer vocals and deeper bass mean that playing music or listening to audiobooks and podcasts is a more enjoyable experience, and many have found the sound quality to be much better than previous versions of Point.

Reviewers love the new improved LED display that shows you the time, alarms, weather and track titles. credit: Amazon

Sounds great for such a small speaker,” says one review.

“Sound and hearing quality is much better on the 5th gen.. than the 4th gen I brought back,” said another.

At $119 (currently $89)The Echo Dot is a steal for all the features it includes, and with the ease of setup also reported, one reviewer seems to be calling it “worth a shot.”

“Definitely the best of all the rounds I’ve used,” he continues. “I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.”

For more information or to purchase the latest Echo Dot, go here now.

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