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Key events

Apologies for the technical difficulties caused by FA Player, a strange appearance for the WSL while they have another game on the Beeb. This fixture, FYI, took a late turn.

LINE: Liverpool 1-0 Manchester United

A wonderful week for Liverpool is coming to an end. First, a win over the champions. Now three points against a side who were level with them before this result. Again it was a well-taken corner, with Jenna Clarke getting the decisive touch from Hoebinger’s teasing ball to the far post late in the first half.

Liverpool’s Jenna Clarke celebrates scoring what ended up being the winning goal. Photo: Molly Darlington/Reuters

90+5 min.: Mika makes another good save from Mallard’s shot in the box, despite the offside flag being raised.

90+3 min.: Blundell is back on his feet as Zelem charges in… and Mallard’s headbutt is kicked out by Mika! Great save by the keeper moving from the left.

90+2 min.: Blundell comes on for United and is a little worried when Zelem stands over a free-kick in the Liverpool half.

90+1 min.: Somehow my flow is back and we have five added minutes.

76 minutes: United are still looking for an equaliser. Still waiting for FA Player to be fixed.

Follow Liverpool’s official live blog as it proclaims: “Liverpool look more likely to score a second goal here.” I’d really like to see if it’s any good for myself.

Not great, this:

We are aware of the issues surrounding FA Player, which we are currently investigating.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to resolve the issue quickly.

— Barclays Women’s Super League (@BarclaysWSL) May 5, 2024

63 minutes: Zelem takes a corner from the right and United’s header goes wide. And, ugh, the FA player decided to play again.

62 minutes: Enderby collects a poor United pass and advances to the D, where she sends a fine, curling effort finding the top right corner. Just traveling.

61 minutes: Earps collects calmly as Haug curls a teasing ball down the right into the United box.

60 minutes: Changes for United: Paris and Evans make way for Williams and Riviere.

57 minutes: And we came back. A quick scan of the Twittersphere suggests I’m not the only one. Liverpool still lead 1-0.

Annoyingly, my FA Player freezes and doesn’t work. Trying to get my IT hat on and find a solution.

HALF TIME: Liverpool 1-0 Manchester United

Not a half of football that will live long in the memory, but Liverpool couldn’t care less – they grabbed a late goal to be the happier side at the break.

GOAL! Liverpool 1-0 Manchester United (Clarke 45+3)

Another factory goal for Liverpool! It worked brilliantly in midweek and does so again today: the corner is taken shortly before Höbinger curls in a teasing ball from the left that Clarke waits at the far post to get the final touch. I think it probably went in without her being present, but we’d better be sure and catch him.

Liverpool’s Jenna Clark scores her first goal. Photo: Molly Darlington/Reuters
He then celebrated with Grace Fisk and Gemma Bonner. Photo: Molly Darlington/Reuters

45+2 min.: Six minutes added by the way.

45+1 min.: Höbinger turns and shoots from outside the box for Liverpool… it flies straight into Earps’ hands.

45 minutes: Hinds crosses a free kick from the right and Evans heads the far post.

43 minutes: Hinds read a crazy pass down the left and crossed but quickly lost it to a United throw-in. That sums up the events so far, with neither side able to really string together a sustained period.

41 minutes: Big chance for United! García plays a great cut down the right and Toone’s run from midfield into the box is perfectly timed… but her finish flies over the bar.

39 minutes: Koivisto is back on his feet, which is good to see. The game resumes.

Matt Beard is fired!

The head coach of Liverpool received a red card from the referee! It seems he said something after Koivisto fell, and it worried him a bit.

37 minutes: Koivisto fell after colliding with a billboard on the right.

36 minutes: Clark cleans up at the back for Liverpool after Garcia chases a ball over the top. The United striker was ambushed anyway.

34 minutes: Both sides give the ball away fairly easily as Holland pings in a cross from the left which is dealt with by the United defence.

32 minutes: United’s brightest performance so far as Le Tissier worked a ball into the middle before Garcia was released to cross from the right. There is no one at the end of it.

31 minutes: Galton finally has some space down the left to cross but Clarke is alert at the post.

30 minutes: Hinds has to get the ball out for a throw-in, facing pressure from Garcia on United’s right.

29 minutes: Clark lunges at Galton with a heavy challenge. Right now, everything is more of a standstill.

27 minutes: Earps tries to find Galton with a long drive down the left but it’s just a light touch.

26 minutes: Fisk is bandaged, Terry Butcher vibrates, and the game resumes. I’m not sure what caused her injury.

22 minutes: Fisk and Holland are a bit worried right now, being watched by the docs.

21 minutes: Liverpool take a free-kick on the left and Hinds and Höbinger stand over it. The latter passes and Turner responds in the box with a strong defensive header.

19 minutes: Höbinger takes a Liverpool corner from the right – low and fired for a throw. Liverpool work it back into the box as United’s defense falls asleep and Koivisto pops out of nowhere to get on the end of a rebound… it heads for the post and he can’t react quickly enough to the rebound, sending it wide.

17 minutes: Now it’s Earps’ turn to show his work; the ball falls kindly for Holland on the edge after a Liverpool free-kick in the box is deflected and Earps moves to his left to deflect the effort away.

15 minutes: … Mika saves again! Naalsund gets a header in the corner, it’s blocked in the shirt mix and Turner sends a powerful shot through traffic that the Liverpool keeper blocks.

14 minutes: Fisk’s clearance goes awry, giving United a corner.

13 minutes: Holland shows the first real quality of the game, making a fine move in the middle of the line before firing a left-footed shot from distance that just went through Earps and the bar.

12 minutes: Hinds struggles down the left for Liverpool but can’t prevent United from scoring. Earps’ flat shot is low and meets Liverpool’s head as the ball remains in United’s half.

10 minutes: Holland dives down the left for Liverpool before Hinds strikes from outside the box, Earps saves after an awkward bounce in front of her.

9 minutes: Earps saves easily from a direct free kick. This game has no rhythm right now.

8 minutes: Liverpool win a free kick on the left and will try to push it long into the box.

7 minutes: Evans pushes forward to thwart Koivisto, but Liverpool survive United’s high press and win a free-kick in the center circle.

4 minutes: Koivisto pounced on Evans down the right for Liverpool before United cut back to Earps. And then, suddenly, Galton finds herself inserted, one-on-one, with Mika, who is beating in the box. The United number 11 fired straight at the keeper, her effort lacking power and accuracy. United really should be one.

2 minutes: A poor opening minute was followed by United’s winner from a free-kick in the center circle. Long strokes and a little on the floor to begin with.


United sets things in motion, moving from right to left on my screen.

Players pump their fists, You’ll Never Walk Alone circles around Prenton Park. We’re minutes away from kick off.

Sarah Rendell has her eye on the title fight. Could Arsenal do Emma Hayes a huge favor (even if it means the Gunners briefly overtake Chelsea)?

I crunched the numbers: Liverpool are unchanged from their win over Chelsea in midweek, while Manchester United have three of the starting XI from their 1-0 win over Leicester last weekend. Ella Toone, Nikita Parris and Lucía García begin; Hinata Miyazawa, Geyse and Melvine Mallard make way.

Just in case you don’t want my company (your loss):

The teams

Here’s what they look like…

Liverpool: Mika, Clarke, Bonner, Fisk, Koivisto, Nagano, Holland, Hoebinger, Hinds, Enderby, Haug

Subs: Leet, Kiernan, Lawley, Daniels, Parry, Spencer

Manchester United: Earps, Blundell, Le Tissier, Turner, Evans, Zelem, Naalsund, Garcia, Thune, Galton, Paris

Subs: Mannion, Guerrero, Mallard, Ladd, Riviere, Miyazawa, Guise, Williams, Tullis-Joyce


Hello, hello, hello and welcome to our coverage of Manchester United’s visit to Prenton Park, a venue that has already hosted a thriller this week.

Yes, it was a Wednesday night when Chelsea’s title hopes went up in flames a thrilling 4-3 win for Liverpool. The hosts were clinical with their standards and Gemma Bonner was on hand for the stoppage-time winner against her old club.

And now we find ourselves in the most nervous battle for fourth place. United and Liverpool both have 35 points after 20 games, with today’s visitors leading on a better goal difference. For Liverpool, a win would be the perfect farewell to this ground; they go to St Helens Stadium next season after signing a 10-year lease. United are here to try and spoil the farewell. Kick-off is at 14:00 BST.

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