OnePlus 12 Deals: Discounts and Trade-In Deals for All

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OnePlus 12 at OnePlus

$100 off, plus up to $850 off trade-ins

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OnePlus 12 at Best Buy

$100 off, plus up to $800 off trade-ins

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OnePlus 12 at Amazon

$100 off, plus up to $260 off trade-ins

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OnePlus 12R at OnePlus

Save $70 on 16GB RAM model, plus additional trade-in discounts ($100 guaranteed)

There are many high-performance Android phones on the market, and while Samsung and Google’s flagships might be the first to come to many people’s minds, we think the OnePlus phones deserve a little more attention. The OnePlus 12 it was just released in January and was packed with many useful features. Since it’s priced reasonably to begin with, it’s not that common to find deals on the OnePlus 12, but that’s why we’re doing the work for you.

The OnePlus 12 offers several upgrades over its predecessor, the OnePlus 11, the most significant of which are internal changes. For example, the newer device is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, a top-tier processor that improves overall performance. Base RAM has also been increased to 12GB from last year’s 8GB, and minimum storage has doubled to 256GB from the OnePlus 11’s 128GB. The OnePlus 12 has a 5,400mAh battery, an improvement over its predecessor’s 5,000mAh battery.

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OnePlus also launched OnePlus 12R along with its new flagship phone. The 12R is a more budget-focused device with lower specs and a cheaper starting price. It’s powered by the older Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor and has a stripped-down camera setup and a shorter software support period, but it’s still solid budget phone starting at $500.

How much does the OnePlus 12 cost?

OnePlus is known for offering some of the most affordable flagship devices on the market. The OnePlus 12 follows that tradition with sub-thousand prices.

The base model offers 256GB of storage and 12GB of RAM for $800, or you can pick up the beefier model that features 512GB of storage and 16GB of RAM for just $100 more.

The OnePlus 12R is the cheaper option in the range, starting at $500 for the 128GB model with 8GB of RAM. You can bump the specs up to 256GB of storage and 16GB of RAM for $100 more.

What colors does the OnePlus 12 come in?

The OnePlus 12 is shown in both Smooth Emerald and Silky Black on a yellow background. The OnePlus 12 is shown in both Smooth Emerald and Silky Black on a yellow background.


OnePlus usually doesn’t offer much choice when it comes to color variations. The OnePlus 12 comes in two shades, Silky Black and Smooth Emerald. Go for the OnePlus 12R and you can choose between gray or blue shades.

The best OnePlus 12 deals

OnePlus has a generous trade-in deal that can get you up to $850 off your OnePlus 12 order. The company will take any phone in any condition, with a guaranteed $100 credit. Select phones will earn even more, with OnePlus offering up to $850 in instant credit with eligible trade-ins. Students receive a 5% discount. The phone also has a $100 discount as standard right now.

Along with a $100 rebate, you can get up to $800 in trade-in credit on unlocked OnePlus 12 models. The latest phones like the iPhone 15 will bring in the most, but even older phones should net you $100 to $200 .

You can save $100 on the OnePlus12, and save even more if you trade in your old phone. The amount you get will vary, but it’s worth it if you don’t want to keep your old one.

The best deals on the OnePlus 12R

Go straight to the source for your OnePlus 12R order and you can get up to $750 off the new budget device when you trade in your old phone. The best part about the OnePlus trade-in promotion is that you’ll get a guaranteed $100 trade-in credit toward your new phone, regardless of the age or condition of the device you’re trading in.

No discounts are listed for the 8GB RAM/128GB storage model, but OnePlus is offering students a 10% discount. You can now get the 16GB RAM/256GB storage model for just $530, a $70 discount. OnePlus is also offering discounts of 50% on select accessories, provided you combine those purchases with your new phone.

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