‘Shock’ news dropped on new farmer Todd during first Farmer Wants a Wife date

Spoiler alert

The farmer wants a wifeTodd’s newest farmer officially kicks things off by meeting the eight women who originally vied for his affection.

The 33-year-old cattle farmer from the New South Wales village of Baan Baa was tasked with speed dating all the women before narrowing the field down to five.

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Farmer Todd’s eight hopefuls were Anna, 29, Molly, 24, Daisy, 28, Jamira, 26, Iyesha, 32, Grace, 25, Jacinta, 34, and Ellen, 29.

Before the dates, fellow farmer Joe was quick to offer the newcomer some advice: “You just have to remember why you’re here.

“Decisions are always difficult, but in the end you always know you made the right one.”

Farmer Todd with his five chosen ladies Iyesha, Grace, Daisy, Ellen and Jacinta. credit: Seven

Helping guide Todd through the process was co-host Natalie Gruzlewski, who introduced the farmer to the new contestants and asked if he was willing to take on the dates.

“Definitely not,” Todd joked.

Sparks definitely flew for Todd during the dates and he eventually narrowed the field down to Daisy, Iyesha, Grace, Jacinta and Ellen.

But the day wasn’t over for Todd and his five ladies, who were immediately thrown into a camping night with the other farmers and their remaining contestants.

“I’m excited! I’m excited to meet the other ladies,” one of Todd’s hopefuls, Daisy, told producers.

Once dating began, the women had time to try to introduce themselves for an upcoming 24-hour date with their respective farmer.

Daisy quickly pulled Todd away, who said she wanted to get something off her chest first.

Sitting down, she revealed that she was previously married, filing for divorce in 2021.

Farmer Todd talks to Daisy. credit: Seven

Sharing the ‘whirlwind’ relationship with a surprised Todd, Daisy said she and her ex-husband met, got engaged and married within 10 months in 2020.

“(It was) one of those things I thought I wanted at the time. I was young and in love,” she said.

“I’m definitely ready to jump again.”

Continuing to reassure the farmer, Daisy said it worked out for the best as she was now sure of what she wanted.

“(After going through) the breakup of a relationship, I put the work in and know who I am as a person, what I deserve and who I deserve,” she added.

Todd told producers it was “a bit of a shock to me.”

“(But) the fact that she was able to open up to me so quickly and felt so safe to share all of this was a nice feeling,” he said.

Daisy later told the producers why she wanted to tell Todd about her past so soon.

Natalie Gruzlewski appeals to all farmers and ladies. credit: Seven

“I just wanted him to know that I was ready to move on and I was ready for another relationship,” she said.

“I will not let my past experiences define my future.”

Todd also asked to speak one-on-one with Grace, admitting that she was one of the quieter individuals in the group.

Sitting down for a chat, Grace asked where the farmer was from and also wanted to know about his parents, a subject Todd seemed excited to discuss.

“Mom and Dad as they still are now – they’re very sweet and sassy and fun together,” he said.

“That’s what I’m looking for, that level of love and passion that they still have.”

Grace said her own parents had a similar relationship.

In a post-meeting confession, she told producers: “I really see myself as a good partner with Todd.

“We share many of the same values ​​and, having left the land myself, I understand all the challenges that come with living on a farm.

“I think I can support him in whatever way he needs.”

Farmer Wants a Wife continues Monday 7.30pm AEST on Channel 7 and 7 plus.

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