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Race around the world

9pm, BBC One

Poor Bridie and Sharon are eliminated while their best friends Alfie and Owen take the lead as they leave Cambodia in search of the next checkpoint on the Thailand-Myanmar border. They soon find themselves in big trouble – but they’re not the only ones. James may have lost his passport, and Eugenie’s patience is being tested by her daughter Isabel (“I feel like I’m your punching bag!”). Holly Richardson

The repair shop
8pm, BBC One

In this week’s memory-soaked treasures, it’s the belated appreciation of now-grown children that is most poignant. Anthony wants to restore a model Lotus Esprit as a gift for his father, the CEO of the car company, and Rhona wants to finally hear her father’s favorite bagpipe. Ellen E Jones

Andy Oliver’s Great Holidays
8pm, BBC Two

More great culinary encounters with Chef Andy Oliver, this week in the Rhondda Valley – where she meets Mr Gay Wales 2016, Paul, whose family was shaped by the miners’ strike of the 1980s. Oliver is there to help launch the first Pride party in the community where she will serve bar Brit (patterned bread). HR

Professor T
9pm, ITV1

Haunting Past… Ben Miller as Professor T. Photo: ITV

“This is Prof. Tempest. I’m calling with information about a murder.” A mysterious case of a road accident victim—who, it turns out, wasn’t actually killed by the car crash—has disturbing parallels with our eponymous criminologist’s own past, while also revealing the lengths to which mothers will go to protect their children, in this grave series three closer. Ali Catterall

The Red King
21:00, Alibi

Wells’ answer to The Wicker Man continues apace as copper Grace Narayan (Anjli Mohindra) investigates the strange disappearance and death of a teenager on an island with pagan roots. “The real way? It’s just a focus for tourists. Or could something more cult-like be going on – hence the ominous warning left on her bed? AC

10pm, BBC Two

This is the final episode of this short but promising retro comedy about a mustachioed teacher stuck in the 70s and revived in the present day. After his friend dies, Mammoth (Mike Bubbins) decides he doesn’t want to grow old alone—so he (somewhat self-consciously) enters the world of dating apps. HR

Movie selection

The Bourne Identity (Doug Liman, 2002), 6pm, Sky Cinema Greats

High anxiety… Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity. Photo: Reuters

Less is more in Doug Liman’s masterpiece. Taking the Mission Impossible thriller template and removing all the high-tech, stunt-laden action scenes unexpectedly makes the film more exciting. And the casting of Matt Damon as the amnesiac fugitive spy Jason Bourne gives the protagonist an everyman vibe that serves the story well. More likely to have scraps in the kitchen than wreck a runaway train, the resourceful Bourne is a character Le Carré might have recognized – and set a new standard for modern espionage heroes. Simon Wardell

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