When Telstra will shut down its 3G network

Australia’s largest mobile network provider Telstra announced today that it will delay the shutdown of its 3G network by two months to give affected customers more time to upgrade their phone or devices.

Telstra CEO Vicky Brady told 9News the delay was to allow people to check and upgrade their devices.

“We have decided to extend our 3G network shutdown by two months to give people more time to upgrade their devices,” she said.

“We will be shutting down our 3G network on August 31, 2024.”

Users are encouraged to SMS “3” to 3498 to get an instant compatibility check on their phone. (nine)

The issue has received a lot of attention in recent months, with federal Communications Minister Michelle Rowland urging the industry to better plan and support customers who may not know their devices are not compatible when the 3G network is down.

Of particular concern are customers with 4G devices, but ones that are so old they’re wired to use 3G for emergency calls, the only way you’ll know this is when you need it most – a triple zero (000) call.

To that end, Telstra said it was aware that some customers needed more time.

“We need to make sure everyone is ready to make this transition together, and we know some of our customers are still working out the steps they need to take to upgrade their devices,” the telco said.

“That’s why we decided to provide more time and additional support.”

Telstra International Roaming Data
Telstra will shut down its 3G network on 31 August 2024. (Wikipedia Commons)

The company says more than 80,000 people have contacted them by phone or used their SMS 3G Checker in recent months, with 90 percent of them found to be compatible with 4G networks after 3G was turned off.

Users are encouraged to SMS “3” to 3498 to get an instant compatibility check on their phone.

Telstra will also add a recorded voice message to outgoing calls made from 3G phones.

Telstra urged customers to check their device. (nine)

This message will play when you call someone before you have connected to the line you are calling.

Once you upgrade to a 4G or 5G compatible device, this message will no longer play.

Vicky Brady is making it very clear to customers that now is the time to check if your device needs an upgrade.

“Although there is a little more time now, please do not delay. Our 3G network is closing soon and it is important that you act now,” she said.

“If you are still using an affected device after August 31, you will not be able to call Triple Zero for emergency assistance.”

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